Affiliated Dance School


The Affiliated Dance School of Shanghai Theatre Academy hosts 3 majors: ballet, Chinese dance, and ballroom dance. The majors of ballet and Chinese dance are selected as key major in vocational education in Shanghai.

There are 101 teachers working in the school, including 7 with senior professional title and 12 with associate senior professional title. In addition, there are 2 foreign teachers.

The school has been selected as national key vocational school for four times on end. It has also received the titles of “National Model Unit for Vocational Education”, “National Model Unit for Culture Works”, “Shanghai Model Unit for Vocational Education”, and “Partner School of Lausannen International Ballet Competition”.

With the efforts of the first-class faculty, the school has cultivated numerous outstanding dancers. Over 300 students have won the gold or silver awards in international competitions, and the school is labeled as “cradle of dancers in Shanghai”.

Tel: +86-21-62787585