Graduate Program(Master & Doctoral Degree)


Programs Introduction

All graduate majors of Shanghai Theatre Academy are open to foreign students. Detailed information on majors and research areas, please refer to the most updated information released on the website of STA Graduate Students’ Office ( .

For master programs, students are required to complete the normally 3-year curriculum within 3 to 5 years(exclusive of Intercultural Communication Studies program). For doctorate programs, Students are required to complete the normally 4-year curriculum within 3 to 6 years.

After fulfilling the designated number of credits, completing the master or doctoral thesis and defend it in front of a panel of experts. Successfully graduated students will be conferred a graduation certificate (diploma) as well as the doctoral degree, according to the Regulation of the STA Degree Committee.

Application Qualifications

1.Applicants shall be Non-Chinese citizens, in good health, with good characters and no criminal
2.Applicants shall be under 45 years old(NOT applicable for exceptional talents)
3.Applicants have attained Bachelor’s Degree or equivalence for master programs or Master Degree or equivalence for doctorate programs.
4.Valid Chinese Proficiency Certificate HSK 5+(above 220 scores). Results of HSK in May of the year will be accepted. Ethnic Chinese who can provide proof of educational experience in a Chinese high or college are free from HSK certificate.
6.Two recommendation letters from referees. The referees should be associate professors or persons with relevant academic title

Application Materials

1.Application Form for Admission.
2.Graduation certificate: Bachelor’s Degree for master programs and Master's Degree for doctorate programs. If applicants haven’t graduated yet, school enrollment certificate and Transcript are required. These documents need to be presented in original and notarized copy (Applicants are required to bring the original documents for confirmation when taking tests).
3.Two recommendation letters from referees. The referees should be associate professors or persons with relevant academic title.
4.3 passport size photos
5.Transcript of HSK level 5(over 220 points).
6.Application fee:800 RMB(non-refundable).

The above documents need to be sent to and by post at the same time before the deadline.

Mailing Address of STA Foreign Students Office
Shirley Zou
Foreign Students Office
208 Zhongyi Bld(2)
Tel: 86-21-62498896

Application Process

Submit scan of passport, high school graduation certificate or enrollment certificate and HSK certificate to STA Foreign Student’s Office via email

Please note all the examination schedule and result will be released on the website ( No telephone or email notice service available.

Foreign candidates need to take part in the on-site interview and major related examinations. More examination details please access the website, or contact the Graduate Students Office through 86-21-62482724.


Acceptance will be determined by application materials, examination results and evaluative advices from professors. Recommendations for acceptance will be submitted for approval.

Once accepted, the applicant will receive an Acceptance Letter and “Visa Application for Foreigners Wishing to Study in China” (JW202 Form) issued by post.


Graduate Students Office
209 No. 2 Teaching Bld
Tel: 86-21-62482724

Foreign Students Office
208 Zhongyi Bld(2)
Tel: 86-21-62498896

Tuition & Scholarship

Chinese-taught master programs: 36,000 RMB/Year
English-taught master program(ICS): 45,000 RMB
Doctorate programs: 30,000 RMB/Year

STA only offers full-time programs for self-funded graduates. The accepted students may apply for Shanghai Municipal Government Scholarship for International Students. Applicants need to pass the entrance examination before they can apply for the Shanghai Municipal Government Scholarship under the guidance of Foreign Students Office.

According to our rules, registered students shall pay tuition in full for the whole year at the beginning of each school year. Students who fail to pay within the specified time may delay payment in one month at most if granted by STA.


Foreign students are required to purchase Comprehensive Insurance Plan of Foreign Students, worth of 800 RMB/Year on registration

Accommodation(Huashan Campus)

Foreign students are in principle required to live in Foreign students’ apartment on campus. If out of special reason to live off campus, applicant shall provide a detailed address and register in the local police station in 24 hours after arrival.