College of Film & TV Arts and College of Creative Studies enter debate competition finals


5 May 2014

The semi-finals of the STA student debate competition was held in Room 209 of Red Building. The competing teams were Department of Dramatic Literature Vs College of Film & TV Arts and Department of Stage Design Vs College of Creative Studies. With the experience and training in the preliminary rounds, all debaters performed extremely well in the semi-final. The two topics for debate were both related to philosophy of life, which require careful consideration even in the real life. The debaters and their respective brain trusts made the full preparation off the court with abundant theoretical and practical arguments. On the court, the debates were full of collision of thoughts and contest of wisdom. The debaters all had their own strengths and merits, which were recognized and commended by the judges. In the end, the teams from the College of Film & TV Arts and College of Creative Studies were a notch above their competitors and successfully qualified for the finals.

Photo: debate competition in progress