Shanghai Theatre Academy and New York Film Academy launch joint 1+3 undergraduate program


29 April 2014

Yesterday, the Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) and New York Film Academy (NYFA) signed the agreement and made the announcement that starting from September this year, the two academies will jointly provide a 1+3 undergraduate program under which the students will undertake one year foundation course at STA and then, subject to meeting the English language requirements and to the NYFA interview, may be admitted to study the undergraduate course at NYFA. The one year foundation course will not only help the students improve their English proficiency, but also make them prepared from the academic and artistic perspectives. For NYFA, STA is no doubt the best partner, being one of China’s top-tier tertiary schools of arts.

The program recruits students from all over China. Any one who is16 years old or above and holds a senior high school graduation diploma of the current year or past years may apply for admission. The initial plan for the first year is to recruit 30 to 60 students, who will be selected according to their scores in the Chinese National University Entrance Examination (i.e. Gaokao) as well as the art fundamentals they possess. For the first year foundation course at STA, the curriculum and teachers will be compiled and arranged jointly by the two sides. After the first year, students who get a minimum IELTS score of 5.5 or a minimum TOEFL score of 70 will be admitted to study at NYFA subject to the NYFA interview. The students may choose, according to their own conditions and academic scores, to study filmmaking, acting for film, screenwriting, 3D animation, game design and media studies at NYFA as their major for a three-year undergraduate course at NYFA, leading to a NYFA bachelor of fine arts degree upon successful graduation.