Symposium for Psi20 Held by STA’s Academic Salon for the Youth


Symposium for Performance Studies International Conference 20 (Psi20) was held by Richard Schechner Center for Performing Studies and STA’s Academic Salon for the Youth at the home of the staff at 12 o’clock on December 19, 2013. Nearly twenty young teachers from different departments attended it.

At the symposium, Professor Sun Huizhu introduced Psi20’s bidding process and preparations. At the end of 2012, Shanghai Theatre Academy, having careful prepared, won the bid for 2014 Psi20 with “Avant-garde, Tradition, Community” as its theme. Psi20 is first held at Asian university and is the largest-scale international academic and artistic conference ever held by SAT. Till now, its preparatory group has received more than 300 papers from forty countries and regions all over the world. He hoped that all the art teachers of SAT, especially those middle-aged and young ones, should actively take part in this conference by means of attending forum, writing academic papers, giving performance or taking practices etc. Communicating with the scholars of humanities and arts from other countries via this platform would definitely develop their own research capability. After hearing Professor Sun’s introduction, all the present teachers discussed warmly with great interest on the topics of papers and forms and contents of display for Psi20. (Text & Graphics: Chu Fei Editing: Rong Shu)