Release the Dreams and Gain 4 Golden Medals: Another Excellent Performance from Students of the Dancing School


In the competition of the Chinese Dance----Artistic Professional Talent Division in 2013 National Vocational Colleges Talent Show, all four competitors from dancing school attached to Shanghai Theatre Academy won golden medals.

This year is the first time that the talent show set the competition of the Chinese Dance----artistic professional talent division. It is held in Nanjing from 16 June to 20 June and 274 competitors/36 delegations from 117 schools attended the competition.

Shanghai Education Committee organized the earlier activities to choose the best dancers to represent Shanghai. After careful promotion, 4 students from dancing school attached to Shanghai Theatre Academy won the honor to represent Shanghai. Dancing school then established a work team consisting of best teachers who trained and directed the four dancers one by one. They took this competition as a good chance to learn and to communicate and hoped it would help the teaching and learning and improve the professional education standard in dancing school. Leaders from Shanghai Education Committee and STA lay great emphasis on this competition and they check the dancing several times.

The artistic professional competition consists of four parts: the display of techniques, the performance of dances, the spontaneous imitation, and the usage of the knowledge. It is a comprehensive examination on both professional competence and quality for the competitors from schools of art category.

After 4 rounds heated competition, Wang Dan, Bai Yuhao, Ma Yimin and Sun Bingqian showed their excellent artistic quality and won 4 golden medals. Their teachers, Ye Yanping, Ning Zhi, Liang Bin and Zhang Juanhua, were rewarded as the best mentor.

It's a great success that we won the honor in such short period. It is more than a result of tense teaching and training recently but owns to the art quality accumulated in daily teaching. Dancing School would take this competition as an opportunity to work harder for the promotion of the education quality of the art professional education and the displaying of the art charm.


Contestant Wang Dan

Award winners

(Article & Photos: Dancing School, Editor: Rong Shu)