American Professor Gowsky Gave Lectures on the Micro Film Script Creation.


On 17 June, academic forum was held in classroom 209 in Red Building STA. This time, Professor Gowsky, Dean of the Art College from Montclair State University gave the lecture under the topic of Micro Film Script Creation. The lecture was hosted by Professor Lu Jun, Chairman of the Theatre and Literature Department. Professor Yao Kougen, leading scholar in broadcasting TV subject, listened to the lecture with graduates and undergraduates from Theatre and Literature Department and Film & TV College.

Professor Gowsky defined the type and features of the micro films vividly, talked about the fundamental elements and operations in a micro film scripts, summarized the key points in micro film writing. During the lectures, Professor Gowsky displayed abundant cases of the micro film, and analyzed and compared the case studies from many perspectives such as the plot elements, story structure, theme types, etc. What's really precious is the audition material from the Hollywood films. Hollywood films would be polished during the audition according to the viewers' feedback, and then would be cut into the final version. After the comparison of the audition version and final version, students realized the importance of the climax and ending to a story structure.

Professor Gowsky believed that micro film has been increasingly important in all kinds of medias, and it's also the best choice of the first independent work for professional film talents. Professor Gowsky has rich teaching experience and creation experience. His work won many film specialty awards in America, including Emmy Awards. With the organization of the translation by Professor Yao Kougen, the Chinese version of Professor Gowsky's book Microfilm Creation was published last year. The lecture last for 3 hours, and it was still too short. After the lecture, Professor Lu Jun gave comments and summery about Professor's lecture. He valued the careful choice of the cases and the precise of the artistic analysis. He also hoped professor Gowsky would come to China for the regular teaching when it's possible.
(Article Liu Si; Ediror: Rong Shu)