The Opening of the Exchange Exhibition by Teachers from STA and ENSATT



Led by Li Zhenlin, the dean of the Education Administration Office in STA, teachers and students of the pre-master-degree class for French national universities went to Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Techniques du Théâtre (ENSATT) for further communication on May 24th. They are warmly welcomed by dean of ENSATT, Thierry Pariente. Teachers and students visited ENSATT afterwards.
In the afternoon, Art Exhibition of STA teachers opened in ENSATT, and the ceremony was hosted by Dean Thierry Pariente, and Professor Li Zhenlin delivered a speech. He appreciated the warm welcome from ENSATT, introduced teachers and their works, and wished the exhibition and workshop a great success. Then, on behalf of the artists in this exhibition, deputy professor Yang Qingqing gave a speech, concluding the outcome of the workshop when professors cooperated last time and looking forward to more academic communication.
The works in this exhibition is from artistic creation of different forms with the theme of Chinese opera characters by Pan Jianhua, Yang Qingqing, and Xu guofeng .
In next few days, students from both of the universities will finish the art design workshop course together in ENSATT.
(Article by Innovation College, Picture by Xu Guofeng, Editor: Rong Shu)


The Operning Ceremony of the Exhibition


Works in Exhibition

Works in Exhibition