STA Officially Started Its Entrance Exams( Beijing region)


STA Officially Started Its Entrance Exams( Beijing region)
Shanghai Theatre Academy( STA) officially initiated its 2013 entrance exams in Beijing region which would last from Feb. 19 to Feb. 27. Sources have shown that this year STA have an overall rise in application for different majors compared with the previous years. In order to make full preparation for the exams, judges and related workers involved in Beijing’s entrance exams this year have already arrived in Beijing in advance. Deputy President Huang Changyong and Gong Baorong have also arrived to inspect the work and convey greetings to professional teachers and workers involved.
STA, a renowned art college with nationwide reputation, has proactively responded to the call from the Party and the government for “cultural progress and prosperity”. Following firmly the guidance of “ cultivating talents and the mind, creating works and patterns ” and adhering to the principals of elite education, it will strive to facilitate and practice the measures in this year’s art entrance exams reform.
This year, the Beijing art entrance exams cover a range of majors from the departments of acting, stage design, dramatic literature, and directing and the colleges of films & TV and innovation.
Same as last year, artistic celebrities, such as Hu Xuehua, Wang Luoyong and Ma Lan, and senior teachers that do not teach in person in STA now, such as Wei Shuxian and Zhuo Jianqing, continue to enter the Beijing interview judge groups, which helps to improve the diversity of the old-patterned groups comprised singly by teachers within the academy. The artistic celebrities and senior teachers would emphasize more on evaluating the qualities and abilities of the examinees from the perspective of performance practice, which constitutes another kind of assurance for the selection of outstanding examinees.
All exams in Beijing would proceed in the principal of fairness and justice and strict procedures and regulations are established on each part of the exam, including the setting up of judges, marking, and interviews, among which a scientific, subjective, fair, and comprehensive marking method is provided. Meanwhile, in order to be responsible for the examinees, the reconsideration system has been set up for several acting majors, such as drama, film, and TV directing, drama, film, and TV acting, musical performance, and broadcasting and hosting. This would enhance the rigidity and preciseness of the exam system and decrease the occurrence of neglection of either excellent examinees or potential talents.
Different from last year, STA simplifies its application procedure this year by cutting the on-spot-conformation off, which enables applicants to register and choose their favorable exam time online. This action has made the exams more examinees considerate as it is, on the one hand, convenient for examinees to take part in other exams either within or outside the academy and, on the other hand, helpful in reducing the costs of examinees both in terms of time and energy.
This year, new measures emerged in STA’s art entrance exams would also be fully implemented in the examinations taking place in Beijing. STA will unswervingly maintain the concept of elite education and the thought of reform, lead reasonable application among examinees, and strive to cultivate an increasing number of excellent cultural and acting talents with great potentialities.