"Feldenkrais Method Master Class" concludes satisfactorily

14 January 2019-1-14

The Feldenkrais Method Master Class, which was sponsored by the Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) and organized by the STA International Performing Arts Research Center, concluded in Shanghai on 11 January 2019. More than 100 teachers and postgraduate students from the Shanghai Theatre Academy, Beijing Film Academy, Central Academy of Drama, China National Defense University, Communication University of China, Jilin College of the Arts, Shandong University of Arts, Sichuan Conservatory of Music, St. Petersburg Academy of Dramatic Art in Russia and L'école Internationale de Théatre Jacques Lecoq in France, as well as participants from well-known theatres and art companies in China, attended the closing ceremony.

Professor He Yan, Director of the STA Acting Department and Head of the STA International Performing Arts Research Centre, presided over the closing ceremony. He expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the trainees and theoretical researchers who enthusiastically participated in and supported the "Feldenkrais Method Master Class". He pointed out that introducing the methods of the masters that have influenced the twentieth and twenty-first centuries is a profound reflection that Chinese actor training and education has on the reality and future, which will provide a solid basis and empirical evidence for promoting the establishment of China’s indigenous actor training and education system. The "Feldenkrais Method" will open a big window for China’s actor training and education. He said that through the experience and observation of the "Feldenkrais Method", there is the intention to introduce this method into major-specific training. This aroused an enthusiastic and positive response from the audience on the spot.

Teacher Zhou Minghe of the STA Acting Department, Teacher Jia Yanlong of the Beijing Film Academy School of Acting, Professor Yin Xiaofeng of the Shanghai Institute of Sports Science and Teacher Xiang Yicheng of the Zhejiang Hengdian College of Movie and Television made speeches on behalf of all the trainees and theoretical researchers. They summarized their own learning experience, reviewed the "Feldenkrais Method" and spoke highly about the irreplaceable function of this method in discovery, exploitation and exploration of the body. They paid great respect and expressed the gratitude to the sponsor and organizer, and very grateful for being able to have this opportunity to learn and change themselves through learning.

Finally, Professor He Yan presented the golden school badges of the Shanghai Theatre Academy to two experts as a token of heartfelt appreciation for their hard work.