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Shanghai Theatre Academy holds meeting to mobilize application for research projects

9 January 2019

On the afternoon of 8 January 2019, the Research Division of the Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) held a meeting to mobilize application for research projects in 2019. Party Secretary Lou Wei, President Huang Changyong, Vice President Yang Yang and Director of the Research Division Wu Aili attended the meeting and made mobilization speeches. Zhi Yunbo, Deputy Director of the Research Division, leaders in charge of research work in various colleges and departments, teachers and relevant personnel who are going to apply for research projects at national and provincial/ministerial levels in 2019 participated in the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Vice President Yang Yang.

Tang Rui of the Research Division first reported on the status of STA’s research projects at national and provincial/ministerial levels in 2018, and introduced the project application and implementation procedures. Director of the Research Division Wu Aili summarized the overall situation of STA’s research work from 2016 to 2018, interpreted the relevant national policies, and put forward relevant suggestions on the research methods, paths and emphases of research projects from the perspective of the competent functional department with examples.

Vice President Yang emphasized the importance of research project application towards research in high education institutions and affirmed STA’s research level and artistic level. From the perspective of teachers, he hoped that our people would make more peer comparisons with other universities to improve our professional level and truly reach the forefront of art research. Vice President Yang Yang also pointed out that STA still has much room for improvement in the area of research.

President Huang Changyong affirmed the significance of holding this meeting. He pointed out that STA has made great progress in research in recent years and this has laid a good foundation for the fifth round of discipline evaluation in 2020. He expressed his gratitude to the relevant functional departments and teachers for their efforts.

In his speech, Party Secretary Lou Wei emphasized that outstanding teachers are to train generations of students who surpass themselves, while the core of teachers' work lies in ideology. He pointed out that STA has great advantages in artistic practice, international platform and future-oriented education and we must make good use of them and put them into practice. Finally, Secretary Lou Wei expressed the hope that our people will continue to work hard to maintain the traditional advantages and courageously strive for research excellence in accordance with the established goals.