The Feldenkrais Method Master Class officially opens

2 January 2019

From 1 to 11 January 2019, the Feldenkrais Method Master Class officially opened at the Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA). This marked an important periodical achievement of the reform in actor training and education in China.

This master class was organized by STA’s International Performing Arts Research Centre, which invited the world’s top Feldenkrais Method trainers Andrew Belser and Carol Kress as the teachers for the master class.

A total of 51 trainees and 53 theoretical researchers were enrolled in the master class. They were mainly teachers and postgraduate students from the Shanghai Theatre Academy, Central Academy of Drama, Beijing Film Academy, China National Defense University, Communication University of China, Jilin College of the Arts, Shandong University of Arts and other art universities, as well as graduates from top international drama schools in Russia and France. Luo Haiqiong, a famous actress of the Beijing Huayi Brothers Media Group and an outstanding graduate of STA Acting Department, and Chen Chen, a famous TV host of the Dragon TV, were also among the trainees of the Feldenkrais Method Master Class, and would follow the two experts into the world of Feldenkrais Method together.

After years of efforts, the International Performing Arts Research Centre has successfully introduced the world-class performing techniques and theories into China, including the Tadashi Suzuki Training Technique, Jerzy Grotowski Technique, Eugenio Barba Technique, Meisner Technique and Michael Chekhov Technique, Linklater Voice and Fitzmaurice Viocework. At present, the STA International Performing Arts Research Center is in the leading edge of China's actor training and education and has become the cradle of China's acting teachers training.