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Shanghai Theatre Academy launched the "Young Marxist Cultural and Artistic Workers Construction Project (Phase I)"

3 December 2018

On the afternoon of 30 November, the Shanghai Theatre Academy held the launching ceremony of the "Young Marxist Cultural and Artistic Workers Construction Project". Party Secretary Lou Wei and Deputy Party Secretary Hu Min and Deputy Secretary attended, and Vice President Zhang Weiling presided over the launching ceremony. Twenty excellent young undergraduate students, master students and doctoral students carefully selected from the colleges and departments of acting, directing, film and television, Chinese traditional opera, dance and so on, were matched with their mentors individually and became the first batch of students in the construction project. Niu Ben, a famous performing artist, and Shi Suohua, a nationally prestigious teacher of education and professor of the College of Marxism of Shanghai Jiaotong University, were appointed as the external mentors.

At the launching ceremony, Party Secretary Lou Wei presented the letters of appointment to the appointed tutors; Leaders of the Shanghai Theatre Academy Lou Wei, Hu Min and Zhang Weiling jointly presented the certificates to the first batch of students. Shi Suohua made a speech on behalf of the external mentors, and Wang Yun and Baolifeng also gave speeches on behalf of the internal mentors. Yuan Yujiao, a student of BA Puppet 2017 at the College of Chinese Traditional Opera, and Gao Shangyang, a doctoral candidate in Doctor of Art Theory 2017, spoke on behalf of the first batch of students. Party Secretary Lou Wei made the concluding speech.