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How to Do Research in Teaching - Lecture 2 of the Series of Lectures on Improving Teachers' Teaching Ability in this semester

30 November 2018

How to do research in teaching? This question has plagued teachers who do not have an education background in teaching but are engaged in teaching specialist courses. Many young teachers are good at teaching specialist courses, but find it very difficult to do teaching research and write teaching articles. However, teaching research, as an effective way for teachers to reflect on and improve their teaching, is an urgent issue to be addressed for many teachers. Problems to be solved. Therefore, after the successful holding of the first lecture in the series of lectures on improving teachers' teaching abilities on 8 November, Ms Ding Yan, associated research fellow of the Institute of Higher Education and deputy director of the Teacher and Teaching Development Center of the Fudan University, was invited to give a special lecture on "How to Do Research in Teaching" to young teachers of the Shanghai Theatre Academy on the afternoon of 29 November.

Ms Ding Yan's lecture centered on "What is teaching research" and "How to do teaching research". Firstly, "teaching research" is not just a matter of experience, and it is not research in the study, nor quantitative research; research is not a process of information collection and information handling, but a process of discovering new knowledge, a process of logical, systematic and in-depth and close investigation of problems, and needs to be supported by theory and evidence; reaching research has changed, i.e. teaching-centered research has changed to learning-centered research, research subjects have expanded and, research methods have diversified. Secondly, in-depth analysis is given focusing on how to do teaching research and how to effectively structure teaching papers. In particular, it is pointed out that the secret of defining research topic is "making a fuss about a trifle, and being unique and distinctive". It is suggested that teachers should attach importance to reflecting on daily teaching and carry out teaching research based on actual teaching.

Ms Ding Yan introduced different research methods based on specific problems and explained them in an easy-to-understand way, and cited many papers of teaching research from art universities as examples which are relatively close to the actual situation of our teachers, and had active discussions with the teachers present.