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Book series on 20th century theatre masters' acting techniques is about to be published

9 November 2018

Supported by the "Peak and Plateau" project of the Shanghai Municipality, the Book Series on 20th Century Theatre Masters' Acting Techniques, for which Professor He Yan of Shanghai Theatre Academy’s Acting Department is the editor-in-chief and Professor Huang Changyong, President of Shanghai Theatre Academy, is the author of the preface, collects the acting techniques of the world’s most representative theatre masters. The book series will be published this year and will be launched on 16 November 2018 at the “STA-The 2nd International Forum on Actor Training” of Shanghai Theatre Academy.

This book series is divided into several parts which include training courses, theoretical essays, trainee interviews, and translated introduction. The training courses are sorted and compiled according to the classroom teachings of the masters themselves or their disciples; in each master class, we have arranged researchers to observe and write papers on the spot to produce a theoretical research collection; we have also organized interviews with all trainees to collect their training experiences and collate them into books; in addition, we have also translated the masters’ monographs in a planned way so as to enable the domestic readers to understand the core concepts of their training methods and the essence of their teachings.

In 2018, ten books of the Book Series on 20th Century Theatre Masters’ Acting Techniques will be published, covering Odin Teatret, theatre anthropology, Meisner Technique and Michael Chekhov Technique etc.

In 2019, eleven books of the Book Series on 20th Century Theatre Masters' Acting Techniques will be published, covering Linklater Voice,Fitzmaurice Voicework,Feldenkrais Method etc.