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Shanghai Theatre Academy receives approval to establish an academic journal "Arts Management (Chinese and English)"

1 November 2018

Recently, the State Press and Publication Administration issued a formal approval for the establishment of the academic journal “Arts Management (English and Chinese)” by Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA). At present, "Arts Management" is the first comprehensive bilingual academic journal in China specializing in the studies of management issues in the field of arts. It is also the only newly created, specialized academic journal in this field since the establishment of art theory as a first tier discipline.

Since 2000, the number of large-scale theatre companies and troupes, cinemas, art galleries and other institutions has been increasing. The market of performing arts, film and television and art works has continued to grow. Culture and art have been deeply integrated with tourism and urban and rural construction. At the same time, since STA and Central Academy of Fine Arts took the lead in successfully filing the undergraduate major of arts management in China in March last year, seven other universities have been approved to set up this undergraduate major by the Ministry of Education this year. During the journey moving forward from the new period to the new era, arts management is becoming an important and flourishing field in the aspects of practice, theory and education. STA has worked proactively to meet the needs of the society in the context of the new situation of the development of arts management disciplines, and has taken many powerful measures to actively promote the platform construction of arts management discipline. In 2017, STA published a trial edition of "Arts Management" in conjunction with Shanghai People's Fine Arts Publishing House, and began to apply to the higher authorities for approval for the establishment of the academic journal.

The successful approval for the establishment of the journal “Art Management (Chinese and English)”, on the one hand, reflected the wide recognition of STA’s teaching achievements in the field of arts management by all walks of life in the society and, on the other hand, represented an important initiative of STA in building a platform university and developing the "STA Arts Management" into a truly international first-class arts management discipline.

STA will invite well-known experts and scholars in the field of arts management at home and abroad to form an academic committee of the journal “Arts Management (Chinese and English)” and set up an editorial office, and endeavor to publish the "inaugural edition” for country-wide distribution as soon as possible.

"Art Management (Chinese and English)" will follow the editorial concept of being "interdisciplinary, internationalized and applicable", focusing on the strategic operation and sustainable development of various types of art institutions and cultural enterprises, constantly paying attention to government consultancy, industry development and latest progress of discipline construction in the field of arts management, and closely tracking the cross-boundary and integrated operation of the entire arts management industry in the course of social development. “Arts Management (Chinese and English)” will persist on the close combination of theoretical research and realistic concern, advocating empirical research based on facts and data, emphasizing the applicability and application value of published articles in Chinese scenes, providing a clear point of view and unique thinking for explaining and solving the management issues in Chinese art field, not only reflecting the latest progress of academic research and practice in arts management as a whole and, at the same time, also anticipating the major trend of change in arts management.