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Shanghai Theatre Academy successfully holds 2018 Shanghai Postgraduate Academic Forum and 11th Yangtze River Delta Postgraduate Academic Forum on Theatre, Film and Television

30 October 2018

From 27 to 28 October 2018, the 11th Yangtze River Delta Postgraduate Academic Forum on Theatre, Film and Television was successfully held at the Shanghai Theatre Academy, sponsored by the Degree Accreditation Office of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and organized by the Graduate School of the Shanghai Theatre Academy. On the morning of 27 October, the opening ceremony of the forum was held in the conference room of the Foxi Building. Professor Li Zhenlin, Director of the Graduate School and Dean of the College of Film and Television, presided over the opening ceremony and introduced the basic situation of the forum. After ten years of development, the Yangtze River Delta Postgraduate Academic Forum on Theatre, Film and Television has achieved abundant results. The forum has to update published ten collections of postgraduate academic papers, winning deep trust and great support from postgraduate students of specialist colleges and universities. A large number of excellent students have stood out from the forum, injecting youthful vitality into Chinese academic circles. It is also expected that more and more outstanding postgraduate students would be able to join the big family of the Yangtze River Delta Postgraduate Academic Forum.

The forum on this occasion invited Professor Wang Bonan of the Shanghai Theatre Academy to give a talk on how to tell Chinese stories well in the cross-cultural context. Professor Yao Kougeng and Professor Sun Zuping of he Shanghai Theatre Academy and Professor Cai Xingshui of Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts formed the forum’s panel of experts. During the six theses presentation sessions over the two days of the forum, 42 doctoral and postgraduate students from 21 colleges and universities in China presented their papers on the theme of "The Study of Chinese Stories in Theatre, Film and Television". They interpreted the "Chinese Stories" in different art forms from their own perspectives where there was no shortage of deep thinking and new ideas. The experts on the panel at the meeting made a detailed summary and comment on the postgraduate papers and, at the same time, put forward sharp suggestions.

Through the expert review and recommendation, ten postgraduate students were awarded excellent papers of this postgraduate academic forum. The Yangtze River Delta Postgraduate Academic Forum ended with warm applause of the participants. The forum has stepped into its 11th year eleventh years which will surely be a new start for cultivating more academic upstarts.