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STA School of Film and Television holds orientation meeting for new postgraduate students of Year 2018

28 September 2018

On 26 September, the School of Film and Television of the Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) held the orientation meeting for the Year 2018 new postgraduate students in the Red Building. The relevant leaders and teachers, as well as 29 postgraduate students from six majors, including film culture studies, television art theory, film and television directing, film and television production and recording, radio and television directing, and professional hosting, attended the meeting.

At the orientation meeting, Li Zhenlin, Dean of the Graduate School and Dean of the School of Film and Television, put forward the teaching mode involving a team of instructors. He suggested that a group of instructors should take turns to teach the postgraduate students so that the students can learn the essence of different instructors and the instructors can effectively resolve the issue that STA has a relatively small number of students. He also set forth the requirement that postgraduate students from unrelated undergraduate majors should participate in the undergraduate classes as so to lay the foundation for professional courses. Zhao Taoying, Director of the Creation Center and Deputy Dean of the School of Film and Television, urged the students to establish the correct views on the world, life and values no matter they are studying at the university or doing other things in the society. Bao Lei, Head of the Postgraduate Student Affairs Office of the School of Film and Television, did the roll call of this class for the first time, and stressed that postgraduate students should also strictly abide by the rules and regulations such as request for leave etc, and should not relax self-discipline.

Finally, the three teachers gave detailed answers to the questions asked by the students, and expressed their best wish that the new students present would have three wonderful and unforgettable years of postgraduate studies and grow into a better self.