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STA holds mobilization meeting for construction of a high level local university

27 September 2018

On the afternoon of 22September, the Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) held the mobilization meeting for the construction of a high level local university at the Duanjun Theatre. All STA leaders, heads of various functional offices (divisions), leadership teams of various colleges and departments, and teachers with the professional qualification of associate professor and above attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Huang Changyong, Deputy Party Secretary and President of STA.

(Li Wei givning a speech)

First of all, Li Wei, Director of Personnel Department of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, made a mobilization speech. From the perspective of policy interpretation, she put forward guiding opinions and suggestions on the STA's disciplinary layout and planning. She hoped that STA would adopt a focused approach, build an innovative strategic team and constantly make breakthroughs.

(Ping Hui giving a speech)

Subsequently, Ping Hui, Chief Superintendent of the Shanghai Education Commission and Executive Deputy-Director of the Steering Office of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, delivered a speech. He gave specific instructions and guidance on how STA should strengthen the work on the construction of a high-level local university, as well as the background in which STA stands and the paths of implementation.

(Yang Yang giving a speech)

Yang Yang, Vice-President of STA, conveyed the spirit of the relevant documents and meetings of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and made the deployment accordingly. He put forward specific requirements for STA's academic research, and made a positive outlook for the future development of STA.

(Zhang Jiachun giving a speech)

Zhang Jiachun, Chief Financial Officer of STA, analyzed the experience and shortcomings of the first round of construction from the aspects of project evaluation, budget declaration and audit work, and pointed out that we should adhere to the target-driven principle, focus on the success of students, create first-class faculty, build a discipline highland, and produce great cultural achievements.

(Huang Changyong giving a speech)

In his speech, Huang Changyong, President of STA, said that in the fields of disciplines, scientific research and creation, and the faculty construction, we should achieve team-based collaborative innovation, combine talent training and talent introduction, bring together the public resources of the whole university, make concerted efforts, strengthen international exchanges and serve the national strategy, so as to facilitate and make contribution to the new round of discipline construction of STA.

(Lou Wei giving a speech)

In his concluding speech, Lou Wei, Party Secretary of STA, stressed that we should start with the reform of the university’s culture and mechanism, give full play to the comprehensive advantages of STA as an art university, strengthen the sense of mission, think about strategies and tactics to increase the strategic height and pay attention to tactical methods, improve not only the standard but also the overall situation. He called for the concerted efforts of all faculty and staff of STA to strive for new and greater glory.