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STA holds opening ceremony of military training for Year 2018 new students

12 September 2018

On the morning of 11 September, the opening ceremony of military training for Year 2018 new students of the Shanghai Theater Academy (STA) was held in the Oriental Land. STA leaders and heads of the various colleges and departments and relevant functional offices, officers and soldiers of the army troop to provide the training and 454 students to receive the training attended the opening ceremony.

The ceremony was officially launched in the solemn ceremony of raising the national flag and singing the national anthem. Liu Qing, Vice President of STA, read out the composition list of companies for the military training. All new students solemnly swore to the national flag, led by the chief instructor of military training. Zhang Weiling, Party Secretary and Vice President of STA, handed the flag to the chief instructor of military training. In the next eight days, the new students will take tough military training under the guidance of the instructors.

Yang Xin, Party Branch Secretary and Director of the Shanghai Teenagers Extracurricular Activities Campsite – Oriental Land, introduced the situation of the Oriental Land campsite and said that they would provide good services to the teachers and students of STA for the military training. The trainee representative spoken on behalf of all new students, making a solemn commitment to strictly abiding by the disciplines, striving to do a good job in the training tasks assigned by the instructors, and showing the qualities and demeanor that STAers should have.

At last, Party Secretary Lou Wei delivered a speech. First, he expressed his sincere thanks to the officers and soldiers to provide the training, and his cordial greetings to the teachers and students for their hard work and actively participation in the upcoming military training. Finally, he called for the students to be energetic and conscientious in their eight-day military training, to help each other and advance side by side. He asked the students to pay attention to safety and scientific training, and participated in the military training in a serious manner as their first class so as to lay a good foundation for their university study and life in the next four years.

In the vigorous military music, the opening ceremony was successfully concluded, signifying the beginning of the seven-day military training life. In addition to military training, the Student Affairs Office and the Logistic and Security Division will arrange the learning and examinations of the school-based military training courses, singing the school anthem, student handbook and national defense education handbook as part of the education program for newly enrolled students.