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STA holds middle management meeting in new semester

11 September 2018

(Meeting in process)

(Party Secetary Lou Wei making concluding speech)

(President Huang Changyong setting forth work arrangements for new semester)

On the morning of 7 September, at the beginning of the new semester, the Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) held the first middle management meeting in the New Space Theater. All members of the STA leadership team and middle management team participated in the meeting, which was chaired by, Lou Wei, Secretary of CPC STA Committee.

At the meeting, Huang Changyong, Deputy Secretary of CPC STA Committee and President of STA, stressed and set the plans for the construction of first-class undergraduate education, the overall goals of STA development and the work of new student enrollment in the new semester. Zhang Weiling, Deputy Secretary of CPC STA Committee and Vice President of STA, set forth the plans and arrangements in six aspects, i.e. continuing to carry out the spirit of the 2nd CPC Congress of STA, doing a good job in inspection, rectification and related system construction, doing a good job in opening work of the new semester, students' ideological and political work, trade union work and campus safety work. Vice President Tang Litu explained STA’s recent logistics work, including the building and equipment maintenance at the various campuses, canteen management, student accommodation arrangements, transportation matters and property management, as well as the construction, takeover, relocation of the Pujiang campus. Vice-President Yang Yang summarized and reported on STA’s recent scientific research achievements, and provided an analysis and explanation of the issues faced in the current scientific research. Vice-President Liu Qing explained the matters with regard to STA’s education and teaching, especially the construction of first-class undergraduate courses, and made set forth the plans and arrangements for the work of recruitment system construction and standardized management etc. Zhang Jiachun, Chief Financial Officer, made an analysis and set forth the arrangements from the perspective of the 2018 budget and its control and execution.

Finally, Party Secretary Lou Wei made a concluding speech. He called for all STA officials to further implement the spirit of the 2nd Party Congress of STA, carry out university-wide study, further strengthen the learning conscientiousness of teachers, students and officials, carry out ideological revolution, and strengthen ideological conscientiousness and responsible action. He emphasized on the importance of execution and implementation which should be carried out rigorously in all aspects of STA’s work in the context of ruling the party strictly in an all-round manner. He also emphasized on achieving major breakthroughs in the areas of talent team construction, first-class university construction, education and teaching reform, artistic creation and practice, modern university governance and platform-type university construction.