Drama "Hurricane" goes to perform in Japan in October this year

10 August 2018

On the afternoon of 27 July 2018, the Shanghai Theatre Academy and the National Theatre of China (NTCC) held a special meeting at the Oriental Vanguard Theatre of NTCC at which a consensus was reached on the performance of the drama "Hurricane" in Japan. Zhou Yuyuan, President of NTCC, Jing Xiaoyong, Party Secretary of NTCC, Tian Qinxin, director of “Hurricane”, Huang Changyong, Deputy Party Secretary and President of STA, and other relevant people from all parties concerned attended the meeting.

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the China-Japan Peace and Friendship Treaty, the 120th anniversary of Tian Han's birthday and the 50th anniversary of Tian Han's demise, at the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, the Japan-China Friendship Association and the Setagaya Public Art Center of Japan, the drama “Hurricane”, a co-production by NTCC, STA and the Jing'an Theatre Valley, will be performed in Tokyo on 6 and 7 October 2018, and a special forum on “Hurricane” will be held at the Waseda University on 5 September 2018, which will be recorded and broadcasted by NHK TV Station.
To date, “Hurricane” has staged 18 performances in Beijing and Shanghai. In preparation for the performance in Japan on this occasion, it is scheduled that the re-production rehearsal of “Hurricane” will take place in Shanghai in the middle and late August and a preview will be held in the Great Theatre of China in Shanghai at the end of August. Prior to all these, in June this year, the technical team of "Hurricane" visited the Setagaya Theatre to touch base on stage technologies, and completed the relevant procedures for the transportation of stage settings, props and costumes.

The meeting reached a consensus on the performance arrangements, related fees and procedures, and also discussed the performance of “Hurricane” in Russia in 2019. The two sides agreed to capitalize on the opportunity of speeding up the construction of the STA Youth Drama Troupe so as to deepen the NTCC-STA cooperation and joint development and advance the same to a higher level.