"Where's My Maple Town" created and performed by Chinese artists will land in Off Broadway in New York City with a stunning show

17 August 2018

In late August, the English-language drama “Where's My Maple Town” from China will be staged at the Theatre Row. This will be the first time for contemporary English drama on ancient China theme to appear on Off Broadway stage in New York City.

"Where’s My Maple Town" was awarded the first prize in the “Dramatic Literature Cup” National Campus Drama Text Competition and was selected into the Young Playwright Support Program of the Shanghai Cultural Development Foundation.

The public performance of “Where’s My Maple Town” in New York City benefits from the student exchange program between the Shanghai Theatre Academy and the Columbia University in the City of New York for postgraduate students of the playwriting major. The project has been carried out for three years under which the Chinese side and the American side have sent outstanding postgraduate students to the other side where the students have studied, written and created dramatic works under the careful guidance of the Chinese supervisor Professor Lu Jun, academic leader of the dramaturgy discipline at the Shanghai Theatre Academy and leading expert on major arts projects funded by the National Social Science Foundation, and the American supervisor Professor David Henry Hwang, professor at the Columbia University School of the Arts Theatre Program and winner of the Tony Award. The public performance of this play is a reflection of the further development of the student exchange program with the concern of both supervisors, and will add to the teaching achievements of the universities once again.