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ESCAC and STA College of Continuing Education holds Joint Film Panorama of Spanish and Chinese Student Works

20 July 2018


From 9 to 14 July 2018, the College of Continuing Education of Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) and the Cinema and Audiovisual School of Catalonia (ESCAC), Spain held the Joint Film Panorama of Spanish and Chinese Student Works at STA’s Huashan Road Campus, which run for 6 days. This event was composed of two parts, i.e. the film and television workshops and the joint film panorama. The teachers and students of STA carried out in-depth exchange and practice with the Spanish scholars who came from afar, and the exchange activities between the Spanish side and Chinese side were highly successful.

During the workshops which run for five days, Professor Aritz Lekuona Alonso and Professor Diego Alberto Vega Vidal from ESCAC shared the experiences of indigenous Spanish film creation with the students, covering the processes of script creation, pre-shooting preparation, film shooting, post-production and so on. Professor Diego elaborated the process of creating a complete script from the initial inspiration to gradually taking shape through carefully selected sample films, and also used videos and pictures to restore the recorded process as a reference for the students to learn. The highlight of this program was its interactive nature. The two professors divided the students into several groups to create the plot on the spot, and they themselves acted as the producers to review the scripts of the various groups and provided improvement suggestions on the script completed collaboratively by all students, thus ensuring the script to have a higher degree of completion.

At the conclusion of the workshops, the joint film panorama of Spanish and Chinese student works began at the Duanjun Theatre of STA. During the one-day screening, eight carefully selected films were shown, including four excellent student directing works carefully selected by the STA College of Continuing Education, namely, “Wild Pot”, “He Nian”, “Beautiful New World” and “Tricycle”, and four excellent films brought by ESCAC, namely, “Bus Story”, “Café Para Llevar”, “Elandar Del Borracho” and “La Huida”.

After the screening, the creators shared the creation process of the film with the audience. Professor Aritz and Professor Diego also expressed their feelings about the screened films, and made a deep analysis of the Spanish and Chinese works in the course of exchange with the audience. The two professors expressed great recognition and appreciation for the works of STA students. Both sides agreed that this was a highly valuable cultural exchange.

This event laid a solid foundation for the future cooperation between STA and ESCAC. The two sides expressed that in order to fully strengthen the academic exchanges between the two schools, more similar activities should be held to jointly promote the integration and cooperation of the Chinese and Spanish film cultures.