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Academic Conference on Theory and Criticism of “Shanghai film and Chinese film school" was held in Shanghai Theatre Academy

5 July 2018

On 30 June 2018, co-sponsored by the Film Culture Research Center of Shanghai Theater Academy, the Contemporary Film Magazine of China Film Art Research Centre and the China Literary and Art Criticism Shanghai Theater Academy Base, and co-organized by the Shanghai Film Association, the Shanghai Literary and Art Critics Association, the Shanghai Film Critics Society and the Shanghai Film, Television and Theatre Theoretical Research Association, the Academic Conference of Theory and Criticism of "Shanghai film and Chinese film school" was held at the Duanjun Theatre of the Shanghai Theater Academy'.

The theme of this academic conference was "Shanghai film and Chinese film school". Mr Yang Yang, Vice President of Shanghai Theater Academy, Mr Huangfu Yichuan, Editor-in-Chief of Contemporary Film Magazine, Ms Zhao Yun, Secretary-General of Shanghai Film Association, Mr Zhu Feng, President of Shanghai Film Critics Society and Mr Zhou Bin, President of Shanghai Film, Television and Theoretical Theory Research Association, addressed the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was presided over by Mr Li Zhenlin, Dean of Graduate School and Dean of Film and Television College of Shanghai Theater Academy. More than 80 well-known experts and scholars from around the world attended the opening ceremony.

During the keynote presentation session, nine experts and scholars as well as directors from the industry coming from different Chinese cities elaborated on their views and opinions on the proposition of "Shanghai film and Chinese film school". In the ten groups of keynote speeches, dozens of experts and scholars from over thirty Chinese universities and research institutes including the Chinese National Academy of Arts, the China Film Art Research Centre, the Beijing Film Academy, the Peking University, the Tsinghua University, the Beijing Normal University, the Communication University of China, the Fudan University, the Shanghai Jiaotong University, the East China Normal University, the Shanghai University and the Shanghai Theatre Academy held warm discussions focusing on and around the definition, connotation, denotation and history of “Shanghai film and Chinese film school” as the topic.

On 1 July 2018, the closing ceremony of the conference was held in the West Conference Room on the second floor of the Fo Xi Building. Four professors, named Ni Zhen, Jia Leilei, Chen Xihe and Zhang Wenyan, made the academic summary respectively, pointing out that this conference, with its abundant academic achievements, had made a valuable contribution to the research and development of the theoretical proposition of "Chinese film school".