International Forum on "Challenges and Opportunities: The New Era for Cinema" is successfully held

24 June 2018

(Forum in progress)

As one of the official forums of the 21st Shanghai International Film Festival 2018, the International Forum on “Challenges and Opportunities: The New Era for Cinema” co-sponsored by the Shanghai International Film Festival and the Shanghai Theater Academy was held at the New Space Theatre of the Shanghai Theatre Academy on the afternoon of 21 June.

(Group photo of forum participants)

The international forum invited film company senior executives, famous directors, filmmakers, scholars, educationists and other relevant people from around the world to discuss and explore together. The forum was moderated by Professor Shi Chuan, Professor at the Shanghai Theatre Academy and Vice president of the Shanghai Theatre Academy. More than 80 teachers, students and industrial representatives from the Shanghai Theatre Academy, Shanghai Higher Education Institution Film and TV Theory Society and Shanghai Media Group (SMG) attended the forum.

(Mr Lou Wei, Chairman of Shanghai Theatre Academy, giving a speech)

At the opening ceremony of the forum, Mr Lou Wei, Chairman of the Shanghai Theater Academy, expressed the thanks and welcome to the distinguished guests for their presence. He pointed out that the forum aims to have the experts to guide us to think about the past, present and future of cinema, to explore the opportunities and challenges facing the global film industry as it enters into the new era, and to also make suggestions for the Shanghai Theatre Academy’s efforts to develop itself into a world class university of arts and operate a film and television college at the forefront of the times. Professor Li Zhenlin, Dean of the TV and Television College and Dean of the Graduate School of the Shanghai Theatre Academy, delivered a speech afterwards. The chairman of the International Council for Film, Television and Audiovisual Communication sent a congratulatory letter to the forum, which was read out by the ICFT representative at the opening ceremony.

The forum was divided into three sessions. In the keynote speech session, five keynote speakers, namely, Mr Mike Ellis, Mr See Yuen Ng, Mr Stefan Laudyn, Mr Jiang Ping and Mr Rao Shuguang, presented their sharp views focusing on the international marketing of Chinese films, the diversification and sustainability of film market, the world film market and Poland’s experience, the ecosphere of film development jointly formed by state-owned and private film companies, and the overall concept and development ideas for film and film industry. In the subsequent high-level dialogue, the guest speakers and the moderator held a heated discussion on and around the current hot issues of international film and Chinese film. In the question and answer session at last, the guest speakers had an open and frank exchange of views with the audience who raised the questions. The forum concluded successfully after almost 3.5 hours of in-depth exchange and discussion.

(Mr Mike Ellis giving a keynote speech)

(Mr See Yuen Ng giving a keynote speech)

(Mr Stefan Laudyn giving a keynote speech)

(Mr Jiang Ping giving a keynote speech)

(Mr Rao Shuguang giving a keynote speech)