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Shanghai Data Exchange Center and Shanghai Theatre Academy talk about mutual cooperation

31 May 2018

On the afternoon of 30 May, Mr Tang Qifeng, Chief Executive Officer of the Shanghai Data Exchange Center, came to the Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) for discussion about the cooperation in establishing the Shanghai Cultural Data Center. The meeting was chaired by Professor Huang Changyong, Vice Chairman and President of STA. Participants also included Mr Li Xianbo, Deputy Director of the Social Culture Division of the Shanghai Municipal Development Research Center, Mr Yuan Fei, Editor-in-Chief of the Chinese Business Network, and the relevant persons in charge and teachers of the colleges, departments and functional offices concerned.

(Meeting in progress)

This meeting focused on the relationship between culture and big data. At the meeting, Mr Tang Qifeng made the visualized presentation of a number of industrial dynamic data of the Shanghai Data Exchange Center, and introduced the close integration of big data with music, games, films and other cultural industries under the background of Internet. He pointed out that culture is an important part of urban construction and development and it is important to give full play to its advantages and unique status in urban development hoping that big data can be combined with culture to further develop the strategic advantages of Shanghai culture.

(Mr Tang Qifeng giving a demonstration of various data of Shanghai Data Exchange Centre)

President Huang Changyong of STA put forward that both sides can have in-depth cooperation in jointly establishing the cultural big data application and exhibition center, building the national engineering laboratory city cultural data research center for “big data circulation and trading", holding the roundtable conference on city culture sustainable development in China, jointly issuing the annual report and jointly applying for establishment of the Shanghai joint innovation laboratory for big data etc, striving to make Shanghai more prominent in ability, more fruitful in achievements and more attractive in talent attraction in terms of cultural innovation.

(President Huang Changyong of STA speaking at meeting)

Deputy Director Mr Li Xianbo stressed that "Shanghai culture" is the biggest strategic advantage of Shanghai in the Yangtze River Delta cluster of cities and that big data is becoming more and more important in the area of cultural industries in today’s world and one must grasp data in order to grasp comprehensive and accurate cultural information. He was looking forward to the cooperation between the Shanghai Theater Academy and the Shanghai Data Exchange Center, and hoped that the joint establishment of the cultural data platform would be able to provide a strong support for the cultural development of Shanghai.

(Deputy Director Li Xianbo speaking at meeting)