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2017 Shanghai Teaching Achievement Awards are announced with great outcome for STA

17 May 2018

Recently, the 2017 Shanghai teaching achievement awards administrated by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission were announced. The level of awards won by the Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) this year reached a record high, with one special prize and three first prizes, of which the project with the special prize is to be nominated for the National Teaching Achievement Awards.

Project winning special prize at municipal level:

Cultivating Playwrights with Feelings is Our Responsibility - Exploration and Innovation of Playwright Training Model

Projects winning first prize at municipal level:

The New Model of Training Chinese Traditional Opera Talents Featuring Culture-Education Integration and High School-Undergraduate Seamless Connection

Narrating Chinese Documentary Stories in International Language - Teaching Reform and Innovation in Documentary Creation

High Level, Inter-discipline and Internationalization - Reform of Training Model for Dance Performing Talents

The teaching achievements awards administrated by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission are the examination and demonstration of an educational institution’s achievements in the work of talent cultivation and the reform in education and teaching. It is an important embodiment of the municipal government's attention to the work of education and teaching.

STA’s fruitful results in this year’s teaching achievement awards have demonstrated the central position of talent cultivation in STA. The concerted efforts of STA’s highly accomplished teaching staff will continue to promote the level of STA’s talent cultivation and teaching reform to a new height.