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Graduation performance of BA Broadcasting and Professional Hosting 2014 of STA’s College of Film and Television is concluded

9 May 2018

"Panorama", the graduation performance of BA Broadcasting and Professional Hosting 2014 of the College of Film and Television of the Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) was concluded after two shows at STA’s Duanjun Theatre on 4 May and 5 May. Mr Chen Kehong, Chief Member of the Education, Science, Culture and Public Health Committee of the Shanghai Municipal People's Congress and Director of the Shanghai Municipal Art Education Committee, was invited to attend the performance. Attending the performance from STA included Chairman Mr Lou Wei, Vice Chairwoman Ms Hu Min, Vice Chairwoman Ms Zhou Yin’e, Vice Chairman and Vice President Mr Zhang Weiling, Vice President Mr Yang Yang and the relevant heads and teachers of the various colleges, departments, offices and divisions.

The performance was greatly supported and cared about by the STA leadership at all levels and relevant functional areas. After the performance, extensive attention and positive recognition were received from the experts, professors, scholars and teachers of the relevant specialist disciplines as well as from the general public. Through the integration of traditional stage and television camera, the whole performance presented the audience with a graduation production which was in front of and behind the camera, on and off-stage, all-rounded and three-dimensional performance.

What is worthy commending especially is the exploration and innovation that this performance has attempted in the way to deliver a performance of the broadcasting and professional hosting major. In the performance, the TV programs during the whole time of a day from early morning to midnight were moved onto the stage through the stage-style presentation of TV advertisements, TV shopping, TV series, TV galas and other traditional TV programs. In the short time of 120 minutes, all aspects of the TV programs on and off the stage, in front of and behind the curtain were all displayed in front of the audience. And, through the way of live broadcasting, the features of the professional hosting major was realized in an innovative way. The integration of stage and camera made the panoramic presentation of the recording and broadcasting processes of TV programs a reality.


Although there is still room for improvement, it was a performance based on the multi-disciplinary integration within the College of Film and Television that made an integrated presentation of the features of the screenwriting-directing major, production major and professional hosting major. As such, it was a bold attempt and an innovative progress in the teaching practice of television arts at STA, and was a successful exploration in both teaching practice and artist creation.