Commemorative performance for 30th anniversary of Portuguese Oriental Foundation

9 May 2018

At the invitation of the Portuguese Oriental Foundation and with the arrangement of the China International Cultural Association and Shanghai International Cultural Association, the friendship exchange group of 14 teachers and students from the major of Chinese traditional opera performance and the major of instrumental music performance of the Shanghai Chinese Traditional Opera School affiliated to the Shanghai Theater Academy (hereinafter referred to as the Shanghai Chinese Traditional Opera School) arrived in Lisbon, Portugal on 4 May 2018 to participate in the celebrating performances for the 30th anniversary of the Portuguese Oriental Foundation.

The friendly exchange group held two wonderful performances on 5 May and 6 May respectively. At the Portuguese Oriental Foundation Theatre, the teachers and students demonstrated the beautiful sound of national music and the charm of the quintessence of Chinese art through the joint efforts with the Portuguese side. Each performance was 90 minutes long during which the teachers and students performed on the same stage presenting a total of 11 shows including national musical instrument performances and Chinese traditional opera highlights. The performers were all key teachers and top students of the relevant majors of the Shanghai Chinese Traditional Opera School. The two performances were highly successful, with the theatre fully packed and constant applause from the audiences.

The performances on the two days were highly praised by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Chinese Embassy in Portugal and the Portuguese Arts Foundation. They fully affirmed the work done by the Shanghai Chinese Traditional Opera School in the area of international cultural exchange and promotion of Chinese traditional opera.