"French Language Film Collection" campus screenings kick off

13 March 2018

On the afternoon of 12 March, the first screening of the “French Language Film Collection” was held on the 5th floor of the Lianhua Road Campus Library of the Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA). The screening was jointly held by the French Language Cultural Festival and STA’s College of Film and TV and was strongly supported by the Consulates-General of France, Switzerland and Canada in Shanghai. The film for screening was the documentary film “Go Together”. Before the screening, Mr Li Zhenglin, Dean of STA’s College of Film and TV and Dean of STA’s Graduate School, and Mr Zhan Xin, Deputy Dean of STA’s College of Film and TV, had a cordial meeting with Mr Erwin Luthi, Deputy Consul General of the Swiss Consulate-General in Shanghai, and Mr Frederic Favre, director of the film. Ms Zhao Yun, Secretary-General of the Shanghai Film Association, was invited to the first screening. Over 40 teachers and students of STA’ College of Film and TV participated in the screening and related activities.

When the screening came to the end, the audience in the screening hall burst into worm applause. The student could not help asking many professional questions to the director about how to make the conception of the film, how to shoot the film in a snow environment and how to select materials for editing. Without any reservation, the director shared with the students the issues he had encountered and solutions he had adopted in the processes of scenario setting, character selection, material shooting and editing and finishing. The director emphasized that the core of this film is to express the relationship between human beings and maintains. Although the process of shooting a documentary film was full of the unknown and risks, one could overcome the difficulties and accomplish the aspiration as long as there was self-confidence.

Ms Zhao Yun expressed her congratulations for the successful screening and exchange activities. Mr Erwin Luthi hoped to maintain and continue the sound relationship of exchange and cooperation with STA’s College of Film.