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Ceremony is held marking completion of main building structure of STA's Pujiang campus

9 February 2018

At the time when the Chinese Lunar New Year is approaching, the construction work at the construction site of the Pujiang campus of the Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) was still proceeding in a busy but orderly manner. On the afternoon of 7 February, STA leaders including Mr Lou Wei, Mr Huang Changyong, Ms Hu Min, Mr Gong Baorong, Mr Zhang Weiling and Ms Zhang Jiachun, as well as all members of the middle management team who were in Shanghai during the winter vacation, came to the construction site of the Pujiang campus to inspect the status and process of the construction of the new campus. At 1.30 pm, the ceremony marking the completion of the main building structure of the STA Pujiang campus was held on the roof top of the 10th floor of Building No. 4. All members of the STA leadership attended the ceremony together Ms Yang Demei, Deputy Mayor of the Minhang District Government, Mr Pan Jinping, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Minhang District Committee and leaders of the Pujing Community and Pujiang Town. The ceremony was presided over by Mr Zheng Shuanghu, Director of STA’s Infrastructure Construction Division.

The main building structure completion ceremony began with the announcement by Mr Lou Wei, Chairman of STA. The last truckload of cement was poured on the roof top of Building No.5, formally symbolizing the successful completion of the main building structure of STA’s Pujiang campus. Subsequently, the construction project will move into the stage of secondary structure, exterior walls and interior decoration and fit-out.

The construction project of STA’s Pujiang campus is located in the Pujin Community of the Minhang District. The four boundaries of the site extend to the Minhang campus of the Shanghai Normal University on the north, the Changling Road on the south, the Dazhai River on the west and the Puxing Highway on the east respectively. The total GFA of the project is 139,689 square meters (including 125,689 square meters of aboveground GFA and 14,000 square meters of underground GFA). The main contents of construction include the teaching building, administrative building, school of creative studies, training centre, graphic and information center, school of film and TV, sports centre and student dormitory etc.

The project management company is the Shanghai Education Construction Management Consultancy Co Ltd, the designing company is the China Building Technique Group Co Ltd, and the contractor is the Shanghai Construction No. 4 Group Co Ltd. The construction of the project commenced at the beginning of 2017.

After the main building structure completion ceremony, the project process report meeting was held in the on-site meeting room. The meeting was presided over by Mr Zhang Weiling, Vice President of STA. Leaders of STA and Minhang District Government listened to the report given by the relevant construction companies and put forward the suggestions and opinions about the relevant schemes. Mr Huang Changyong, President of STA, raised the specific requirements with regard to the image design and functional positioning of the new campus. He stressed that harmony and unity should be ensured in the façade design of the campus while highlighting the style of STA and that practicality and scientific consideration should be emphasized in the structural functions.

Finally, on behalf of the district government, Ms Yang Demei, Vice Mayor of the Minhang District Government, expressed the welcome and keen anticipation for STA’s move to the Minhang District, and expressed the best wishes for the early completion and early commissioning of the STA Pujiang campus as a top quality project. She expressed that the commissioning of the STA new campus will inject new vitality into the cultural and education course of the Minhang District and even that of Shanghai with additional cultural connotations and artistic provisions.

STA’s Pujiang campus is scheduled to be formally commissioned in September 2019 when the new semester begins.