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Graduation production "Sunrise" by Acting Class of 2014 and Stage Design Class of 2014 is staged

25 January 2018

The graduation production "Sunrise" by the Acting Class of 2014 and Stage Design Class of 2014 of the Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) was staged at the STA Experimental Theatre from 21 to 25 January 2018. Directed by Associate Professor Wang Xueming of the Acting Department, the production was performed by the students of the Theatre, Film and TV Acting Class of 2014 of the Acting Department, while the stage design, costumes, make-up and modeling were provided by the students of the Class of 2014 of the Stage Design Department. As the graduation production of the students of the Class of 2014 of the Acting Department and Stage Design Department, it was also a report of the results of their four years of specialist learning. In the creation of this graduation production, the director adapted the script in a bold and innovative way, and presented a completely different version of "Sunrise" to the audience with a new form of expression that combined the realistic style and freehand style through the use of multimedia.

In the three months of creation and rehearsal, the students earnestly completed each part of the creation process step by step from the initial analysis of characters to the actual rehearsals. The students "broke up" their original selves and made self-breakthrough once and again to discover new possibilities and ignite new inspirations in the course of creation, and eventually presented a wonderful performance for everyone and also handed in a satisfactory answer sheet for themselves.

The production had a total of six performances from 21 to 25 January, and the theatre was a full house for each performance. Associate Professor Wang Xueming expressed that the audience’s support and love is the highest recognition for all cast and staff and hoped that these graduating students can put their professional skills into practice to pay back to their teachers and school for the cultivation, pay back to the society for the caring concern and expectation, and make contributions to the cultural development of the motherland.