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STA's College of Further Education wins Best Publicity Award at the 13th General Public Life-long Learning Activity Week of Shanghai

29 December 2017

On the afternoon of 27 December 2017, the award ceremony of the 13th General Public Life-long Learning Activity Week of Shanghai was held at the Shanghai Youth College of Management. The College of Further Education of the Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) won the Best Publicity Award. During the ceremony, the awards for the 3rd “Ten Best Principals of Further Education Colleges in Shanghai” were also conferred. Mr Ma Linhong, Executive Deputy Dean of STA’s College of Further Education, was one of the recipients of the "Ten Best Principals" award.

Always adhering to stage practice as a focal point in professional practice, STA’s College of Further Education closely combines artistic creation with market demand and tests artistic achievements in the market and, at the same time, brings elegant art to the market to enrich and promote the level of cultural appreciation of the society and cultivates a team of compound talents with the national spirit, international vision, market awareness, professional skills and operational capabilities who are excellent in both professional skills and moral integrity through a training model that features “training, creation and performance”. In the recent years, it produced a number of plays such as “Peony Pavilion”, “British Soap” and “When a Man Meets a Woman” and, at the same time, took some excellent practice productions and graduation productions to perform in the local communities and showcase on the stage of society, thereby enriching the spare-time cultural life of the general public and demonstrating the teaching results of life-long education.

Mr Ma Linhong has been working persistently on the post of education for many years focusing especially on further education at the tertiary level. In the meantime, he has promoted the work of STA's College of Further Education with regard to the integration of “industry, learning, research and application” as well as innovation in talent cultivation. He has adhered to the student-oriented principle and taken proactive measures of reform and development to embrace new and creative concepts and ideas, seize the opportunities, promote the international cooperation and exchange in the area of further education, and encourage innovation in education and teaching. He has strengthened the all-round supervision, administration and guidance in student recruitment enquiries, teaching management, teacher management and student management pertaining to cooperative educational projects, thereby opening up broad prospects and development goals for the new breakthrough of the STA College of Further Education and further improving the level and reputation of its operational and academic excellence. Going forward, Mr Ma Linhong will continue to lead his colleagues at STA’s College of Further Education to strive for even better results and jointly create a better future for the College of Further Education.