The 2nd International Conference on Arts and Culture Management & International Academic Workshop is held successfully

21 December 2017

From 11 to 14 December 2017, "Arts and Culture Management in a New Era – The 2nd International Conference on Arts and Culture Management & International Academic Workshop" was held at the Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) and Merry Hotel Shanghai. The event was sponsored by STA and jointly organized by STA's Department of Arts Management, International Arts Management Studies Centre and Editorial Office of "Arts Management". The activities of the event included two parts, namely, "international conference" and "international academic workshop". The former was for the top tier scholars from home and abroad to share the results of studies, and the latter was to provide an opportunity for young teachers, master degree students and doctoral students to learn directly and personally from the international scholars participating in the event.

 (Conference in progress)

At the international conference, Professor Gong Baorong, Vice Preside of STA, delivered the opening speech. In the speech, as one of the founders of STA's arts management specialty, he reviewed the development history and noticeable achievements of STA's arts management specialty since its inception in 2003.

 (Professor Gong Baorong, Vice President of STA, delivering a speech)

During the keynote presentation session, Professor Francios Colbert, founder of the International Association of Arts and Cultural Management (AIMAC), gave a keynote presentation entitled "Arts in China and in the World", Ms Sherburne Laughlin, President of the Association of Arts Administration Educators (AAAE), gave a keynote presentation entitled "The Structure, Content and Future of the Association of Arts Administration Educators", and Mr Qian Shijin, guest professor at STA and former artistic director of the Shanghai Grand Theatre, gave a keynote presentation entitled "The Essence of Arts Administration".

 (Professor Francios Colbert making a keynote presentation entitled "Arts in China and in the World")

 (Ms Sherburne Laughlin sharing development experience of Association of Arts Administration Educators)

This event invited altogether more than 20 academic elites from nine countries and regions in the three continents of Europe, America and Asia to attend and share their insights. They carried academic discussions on the four sub-topics of the conference which were "The Latest Practice and Academic Progress in Global Culture and Arts Management Education", "The Studies of Culture and Arts Management Practice", "The Features and Trends of Culture and Arts Management Education of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in a New Era" and "The Publication Situation of International Academic Journals for Culture and Arts Management & The Editorial Thoughts on Chinese Academic Journals".

What is more worth mentioning is that many of them used to be editors-in-chief, editorial committee members and writers. On this occasion, they brought excellent journals published in a variety of languages including English, French, Korean and so on, and introduced valuable experience in the publication of international academic journals for culture and arts management, thus setting the tune and providing strong and solid support for the development of the international bilingual journal "Arts Management", i.e. China's first professional journal for arts management, which has been founded by STA and will be officially published very soon.

Professor Huang Changyong, Vice Chairman and Vice President of STA, delivered the concluding speech at the conference. He said, "The cross-cultural context, multifaceted integration and panoramic development of today's art management have brought us new opportunities. The Shanghai Theatre Academy has constructed a complete training chain from undergraduate programs to master and doctoral programs, and has built a large number of practice bases at home and abroad, fully reflecting a major feature of arts management specialty, which is the high degree of connectivity with the industry. In the future, we will prepare for the establishment of the School of Theater Management at the Shanghai Theater Academy, thereby contributing to our efforts to build and develop the Shanghai Theatre Academy into a platform university."

Finally, Mr Dong Feng, Chairman of the China Arts Administration Education Association (CAAEA), introduced the situation of the brand new “Arts Management” journal to the conference participants. "Arts Management", which is an international-oriented comprehensive academic journal founded by the Shanghai Theatre Academy and possessing the standard serial number, will be published and released domestically and internationally at the same time in 2018.

 (Group photo of conference participants)

The event attracted more than 100 people from the field of arts management from all over China Mainland and the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, including not only teachers and students of Peking University, Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Central Academy of Fine Art, Beijing Dancing Academy, Communication University of China, China Academy of Art, Nanjing Arts University, Tongji University, Donghua University and Hainan University, but also representatives of cultural and performance organizations such as Anhui Performance Group, Suyi Culture Group, Xi’an Theatre and NetEase.