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Year 2017 graduate student gala evening "Restart" is held in the New Space Theatre

11 October 2017

On 29 September, the Year 2017 graduate student gala evening was held in the New Space Theatre. This theme of the event was "Restart". Li Zhenlin, Director of Graduate Department, Li Dongmei, Deputy Director of Student Affairs Department, Xu Jin and Secretary of Youth League Committee attended the new graduate student gala evening. Returning students of Year 2015 and Year 2016 also came to the gala evening and brought the small gifts that they had carefully prepared for their younger school mates.

The first performance of the gala evening was a B-box and rap performance called "Money" from two students majoring in theatre, film and television playwriting major. The next one was a dance called "Jasmine" performed by two students majoring in dance art theory and research and dance performance respectively. The sketch play "Longing for Earthly Pleasure" involved the largest number of people in the performance, i.e. all students of the Year 2017 art management class. The ending of the play was a "Meipai Shake", with all students on and off the stage dancing together. The lucky draw had the highest level of participation. There were three third prizes in the first round, two second prizes in the second round and one first prize in the third/final round. The winner of the first prize is a Mexican student. The girl was very happy and expressed her heartfelt joy and love for the Shanghai Theatre Academy in less fluent Chinese.

At the end of the gala evening, all the actors and staff walked from backstage to the front of the stage and sang the song "If there is afterlife" in chorus, and the students off-stage waved their hands and played the rhythm with the music. Everyone's face was filled with the spirit of youth. As highlighted by the theme of the gala evening, we will restart at the Shanghai Theatre Academy and embark on a brand new journey leaving behind the past glory and bearing a humble heart, and we will devote ourselves to the life-long endeavors for the art career that we have chosen.