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National MFA Theatre Production Showcase & MFA Education Seminar is held successfully at Shanghai Theatre Academy

26 September 2017

From 20 to 22 September, sponsored by the National Art Degree Postgraduate Education Steering Committee and organized by the Shanghai Theatre Academy, the 2017 National MFA Production Showcase & MFA Education Seminar was held at the Shanghai Theatre Academy, which was attended by 18 institutions with the qualification to offer the MFA courses in theatre from across China.

On the morning of 21 September, the opening ceremony of the MFA Production Showcase was held at the New Space Theatre. The VIPs participated in the opening ceremony included: Prof Huang Changyong, President of Shanghai Theatre Academy, Prof Ding Fan, Secretary-General of National and Prof Song Huiwen, Deputy Secretary-General of National Art Degree Postgraduate Education Steering Committee, Prof Shu Jinlong, Director of Shanghai Academic Degree Office, Prof Liu Xiaogang, Director and Prof Feng Xinqun, Secretary-General of Shanghai Art Degree Postgraduate Education Steering Committee, as well as Prof Sun Huizhu and Prof Li Zhenlin, Director of Postgraduate Department of Shanghai Theatre Academy, and 32 expert representatives from 18 tertiary institutions.

The opening ceremony was presided over by Prof Gong Baorong, Vice President of Shanghai Theatre Academy and Member of National Art Degree Postgraduate Education Steering Committee. Prof Huang Changyong made the welcome speech. Prof Ding Fan, Prof Shu Jinlong and Prof Liu Xiaogang made speeches in succession. After the brief opening ceremony, all participants gathered in front of the Foxi Building for a group photo.

During the next session after the opening ceremony, Prof Song Hui, Prof Wu Yajun, Dean of The Central Academy of Drama’s Film and TV Department, Prof Peng Feng, Deputy Dean of Beijing University’s College, and Prof Li Zhenlinlin gave the keynote presentations.

On the afternoon of 21 September and morning of 22 September, the seminar ran two separate sessions specific to art institutions and comprehensive institutions respectively. The keynote presentation “The Experience and Reflection on Columbia University’s Teaching of Playwriting” gave by Prof Lu Jun of Shanghai Theatre Academy and the keynote presentation “The Integration of Theatre and Film” given by Prof Zhao Ningyu of Beijing Film Academy triggered a warm and heated discussion among the experts at the seminar, who put forward lots of opinions with regard to the ways and methods of MFA education. During the seminar on the morning of 22 September, the expert representatives from Shandong University of Arts, Guangxi Arts University, Yunnan Arts University, Jilin University of Arts, Xinjiang Arts University and Wuhan University introduced the current situation and issues in MFA education in their respective institutions.

As a highlight of this event, the MFA Production Showcase staged three theatrical productions of the MFA students/graduates. The play “Banquet” written and directed by Prof Sun Huizhu of Shanghai Theatre Academy was performed first at the Duanjun Theatre on the evening of 20 September. “The Beauty of Mount Linan”, an excellent MFA graduation production of Shanghai Theatre Academy, was performed at the New Space Theatre on 21 September. The MFA troupe of Nanjing University brought their new production “Noise”, which was successfully performed at the East Rehearsal Studio of Shanghai Theatre Academy on the evening of 22 September, marking the first public performance of this play.

Following the successful performance of “Noise”, the 2017 National MFA Theatre Production Showcase & MFA Education Seminar was also concluded with a great success. We look forward to the next 10 years of the MFA education and firmly believe that it will be even more splendid and fruitful.