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Success Performance of the J.F.Oberlin University Student Peking Opera Troupe in Shanghai

Madame White Snake
 Group Picture of representatives from both sides

December 23rd, student Peking Opera Troupe from the J.F.Oberlin University did a wonderful performance at the Lianhua Road campus theatre. Secretary Lou Wei of STA and principle Mitani from J.F.Oberlin University made a speech on stage before the performance.

This performance is hosted by the Japanese Embassy and was greatly supported by Hanban, Peking University, Academy of Chinese Traditional Opera and Shanghai Theater Academy. Doctor of traditional Chinese Opera Miss Yuan Yingming, student of the famous Chinese Opera performing artist Mei Baojiu, was responsible for the tutoring work. The majority of the 40 actors who were engaged in the performance were from the performing department of J.F.Oberlin University, around the age of 19 to 22. The repertoire of the performance is the "Three Forks" and the " Madame White Snake ". The rich repertoire, standardized style, neat lineup and fantastic visual experience are undoubtedly the highlight of the performance.

This performance had left a deep impression on every member of the Peking opera troupe and every audience. Peking Opera, as an ancient form of art, will let its virtue glory in the Japanese students’ hearts. The success of this event would enhance the acknowledgement of the Japanese students to the China, help spreading out Chinese culture and promote the communication between the youth of China and Japan. In the succeeding days, the show will be performed in Beijing. ( Written and Picture by Chinese Opera School Edited by Rong Shu)