Foerign Students

  Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA)is a higher art institute dedicated to the education of specialists in China in the field of theater, drama, TV & film, and dance. Founded in 1945, the present STA comprises 3 campuses, located on Huashan Road, Lianhua Road and Hongqiao Road respectively. In addition to the four departments of acting, directing, stage design and dramatic literature at the Huashan Road campus, where STA is headquartered, it also has four subordinating colleges (Drama College , Dance College, TV Art College and Innovation College), as well as two affiliated schools (Dance School and Drama School)
  The campus boasts a full range of teaching and learning facilities. Experiment Theatre, the small theatre, New Experiment Space and Black Box Studio, etc are suitable for all kinds of teaching and practice playing.The library stores a rich and complete collection of theatrical books and journals. The student apartments, canteen, and gym provide the students with good living conditions.
  With wide international connections, STA has established solid cooperation with many drama institutes and groups from over ten countries and regions. The exchange of the ideas has been ever frequent. Every year, students all over the world come to the various courses from different department and different level, including Chinese As a Foreign Language.