Bachelor’s Degree Programs 2012

  Shanghai Theatre Academy Application Information for International Students
  Bachelor's Degree Programs 2012
  1.     Program Introduction
  All majors in Shanghai Theatre Academy are available for international students. The length of schooling is 4 years. Graduate will receive a graduation certificate along with Bachelor's degree. For further information on departments and majors, please refer to the Appendix
  2.     Application Qualifications
  1.      Applicant shall be between 18 and 26 years old.
  2.      Applicant shall have senior high school (or above) graduation diploma
  3. Applicant shall hold a valid foreign passport and provide the record or certificate indicating the passport holder actually lives overseas for more than 2 years in the past 4 years (or above)。 If passport holder lives abroad for 9 months in a year, it will be calculated as one year. 30th of April of admission year will be the deadline for calculating the length of time.
  4.      Applicants shall be in good health, with good character and no criminal record, and abide by the laws, decrees of the People's Republic of China, and regulations of STA.
  5.      Applicants shall obtain Chinese Proficiency Certificate: HSK-6 Certificate (or a new-edition HSK-4) or above (over 180 scores)。 Results of HSK in May of the year will be accepted. HSK certificate is not necessary for Ethnic Chineseprovided there's any document to verify they have received Chinese high school education.
  3.     Application Process
  Candidates are supposed to ask for admission leaflets and consult details on entrance examination at the Undergraduate admission office. Candidates shall enroll in International Exchange Center first, and then confirm on spot in the Admission Office of Shanghai Theatre Academy 2 days before the exam.  The date of the exam is in February or March every year. For further procedures, please refer to Shanghai Theatre Academy ApplicationInformation for Undergraduate Program, available at Download Center.
  Foreign candidates are only required to take major-related examinations. And acceptance will be determined according to the candidates' results of examinations.
  Undergraduate Admission Office
  Shanghai Theatre Academy,
  No.630 Huashan Road, Shanghai
  Tel: 86-21-624860707
  4.     Submission of Application Materials
  Please submit passport, senior high school graduation diploma and HSK certificate to the International Exchange Center in application.
  Application materials, same as Chinese candidates' are required to submit to the Undergraduate Admission office. For further information, please refer to the Shanghai Theatre Academy information for Undergraduate Program, available at Download Center.
  5.     Acceptance and Registration
  Once accepted, the applicant will receive an Acceptance Letter and “Visa Application for Foreigners Wishing to Study in China” (Form JW202) issued by post. Applicant shall bring Acceptance Letter, From JW202, and Physical Examination Record for Foreigners (ONLY to those to study in China more than 6 months)。 He or she shall register and pay tuition and feesat required time noted in Acceptance Letter.
  6.     Tuition and Fees
  Tuition: 30,000 RMB/Year
  Miscellaneous fee: in line with the text books in need.
  7. Accommodation(Huashan Campus)
  Foreign undergraduates are in principle required to live in apartment for international students. If out of special reason to live off campus, applicant shall write a detailed address.
  8.     Insurance
  Undergraduate are required to purchase Comprehensive Insurance Plan of Foreign Students, worth of 550 RMB/Year in registration.