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The Academic Symposium on International Experimental Theatre to be held at STA

Shanghai Theatre Academy will host the Seventh Shanghai International Experimental Theatre Festival during October 11 to 18, 2013, to further explore the artistic characteristics of comtemporary experimental theatre, and to facilitate the exchange between artists and critics from home and abroad. STA will host two Symposiums on the International Experimental Theatre on October 14th and 18th respectively. Participants may choose to attend one of them or both. We cordially invite peoples from theatre, literature and academic communities to participate this event.

The topics of the symposiums, including :

− The occurrence and development of experimental theatre

− Experimental theatre in a global context

− The Characteristics of experimental theatre

− The comparision between Chinese and western theatre

To ensure the quality of the meeting, please complete the form below and send it with a 500-word abstract (in English and Chinese) of the paper by e-mail before 10 July 2013.

Contact: 0086 21 62485215

Email: emillecai@hotmail.com. Ms. CAI Yan

If the paper is accepted, we will issue a formal invitation and the full paper should be provided before 31 August.

We do not charge any registration fee. The traveling expenses and accommodation costs should be paid by participants yourselves. If you need help in hotel booking, please indicate in the form below, and provide accurate phone, email and other contact information for timely communication.

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