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FACULTY(In order of strokes of Chinese surname)
Zhao Yaomin

Master of Art of Nanjing University
Play Writer of Shanghai Drama Art Center
Director of China Drama Academy
Director of Shanghai Writers Association
Director of Shanghai Theatre Association
Zhao has produced a number of dramas. His major works include: “TianCai Yu FengZi” (The Genius and The Mad), “Yuan Zu” (The Origin Sin), “Ben Shi JiZuiHou de Meng Xiang” (The Last Dream of This Century), “NaoZhong” (The Clock), “Wu Ye Xin Qing”(The Mood at the Midnight), “Ge Xing Yu Xing Xing”(The Singing Star and the Chimpanzee), “Liang Chen Mei Jing” (ABeautiful Scene on a Bright Day), “Chang Hen Ge”(Song of Everlasting Sorrow), “Jin Da Ban de ZuiHou Yi Ye”(The Last Night for Jin Da Ban).
Among them, “Wu Ye Xin Qing” (The Mood at the Midnight) and “Ge Xing Yu Xing Xing” (The Singing Star and the Chimpanzee) have respectively earned Cao Yu Drama Literature Award two years in a row.