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FACULTY(In order of strokes of Chinese surname)
Zhao Qun

National first-grade actor
Member of CPC
Teacher of Opera Department of Shanghai Theatre Academy
Zhao has been studied in Tianjin Art Vocational College, Shanghai Theatre Academy and National Academy of Chinese Theatre Art. Holding Master degree of both opera performing and opera directing, she mainly specializes in performing the role of Qing Yi (a role of young or mid-age woman) in Peking opera and the role of Gui Men Dan (a role of unmarried young girl) in Kun Opera. Over more than twenty years, she has performed in over 40 operas, including “Xi Xiang Ji” (The Romance in West Chamber), “Zhuang Yuan Mei” (A Love Story between Yang Yanzhao and Lady Chai), “Sha Jiang Bang” (A Story of Fighting against Japanese Arm), “BaiHuaZengJian” (Hai Jun’s Mission), etc. In recent years, she has performed as leading role in a few new adopted dramas, namely “Tao Hua Shan” (The Peach Blossom Fan), “Yi PengXue” (A Precious Jade Cup), “BaoLian Deng” (The Magic Lotus Lantern), “Shi Qi Da Pi Guan” (A Test to Wife) and “Nong Chen” (The Jester) and acted as supporting actress two dramas of National Fine Stage Art Project, namely “Zhen Guan Sheng Shi” (Prime Time of Dang Dynasty) and “Cao Cao and Yang Xiu”. So far, she has issued “Cha Zi Yan Hong” (Brilliant Color) and other six opera albums. Due to her hard work, she has received a number of awards and honorary titles, including the First Prize in National Peking Opera Performance Contest held by the Ministry of Culture, Best Performance Prize (Golden Award) in CCTV Peking Opera TV Contest, the First Prize of Zhang Style Peking Opera Young Actors Tryout as well as the honorary title of Shanghai Young Pioneer and Shanghai Top 10 Young Talent for Culture Progress.