FACULTY(In order of strokes of Chinese surname)
Wang Anqi

Wang Anqi, born in 1955, is a well-known theatrical theorist and playwright in Taiwan. Currently, she is a professor of the Department of Drama and Theatre in National Taiwan University and the art director of Taiwan Guoguang Opera Company. Wang received her doctorate from National Taiwan University and used to be the dean of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature in National Tsing Hua University. She is very active in the current Chinese opera circle of Taiwan. As a distinguished playwright, she has published numerous academic works, such as Performing System of Peking Opera, Contemporary Chinese Opera, Fifty Years of Peking Opera In Taiwan, Hu Shaoan’s Arts Of Peking Opera, Zhou Zhengrong’s Arts Of Peking Opera, Contemporary Traditional Chinese Opera, Five Views On The Chinese Opera In The Ming Dynasty, Arts Of The Legend Theatre In The Ming Dynasty, and Big World In The Theatre. Moreover, she has written dozens of Peking Opera scripts and edited two collections of scripts. Exceedingly versed in classic literature, Wang Anqi is famous for the elegant words, rich emotions and special techniques of “expressing emotions through specific scenes” in her works, which are usually designed to reflect contemporary mentality and humanity. Her scripts have won many important prizes like Taiwan Golden Tripod Award, Art Award and Kuixing Award.

In recent years, Ms Wang Anqi, through leading Guoguang Opera Company to the mainland of China for performances, has participated actively in the academic exchanges with the mainland and made considerable positive contributions to the cultural exchanges between the two sides of Taiwan Strait.