FACULTY(In order of strokes of Chinese surname)
Ma Bomin

  Ma Bomin, a national first-grade actor, used to hold such posts as Head of Shanghai Peking Opera Troupe, Chief of Shanghai Municipal Cultural Bureau, and Artistic Director of Shanghai Broadcasting and Entertainment Bureau. She is currently Deputy Director of Shanghai Promotion Office for the Combination of Culture and Education and Director of the Advisory Committee for Shanghai Peking Opera and Kunqu Opera Art Development. She has been the 9th, 10th and 11th CPPCC National Committee member and has been honored as the “March 8” Red-Banner Pacesetter at the national or municipal level for many times.
  Ma Bomin has played dozens of female roles in Peking Opera, such as Mu Guying, Empress Dowager Xiao, Fang Haizhen and Sister A Qing. Long engaged in artistic administration and paying high attention to the recruitment and cultivation of talents, she has brought in a team of high-end talents like Shang Changrong, Chen Xinyi and Chen Shaoyun and has cultivated a group of young artistic talents. Some representative works at her promotion include Peking Opera Cao Cao and Yang Xiu and Substitute a Leopard Cat for the Prince, Kunqu Opera Ban Zhao, The Peony Pavilion and so on. She has also organized a number of large-scale theatrical performances, including the opening ceremony of the 8th National Games and the APEC performances.