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Gérard Gelas


  Gérard Gelas is a famous French writer, theater director, and the founder of Théatre du Chêne Noir (the Black Oak Theater)。 He was born in Lyon, France on July 7, 1947 and established Théatre du Chêne Noir in 1966. His representative works include La Paillasse aux seins nus (Prostitute with Bare Chest), Radio mon amour (Radio, My Love), Sarcophage (Sarcophagus), and Marylin. Since 1969, the Theater has started to tour and gradually earned its fame in France. In May 1971, Gelas created Aurora, which soon turned out to be a huge success. As a playwright, Gelas has produced numerous scripts, including Guatanamour, La cité du fleuve (City of Rivers), and Radio mon amour (Radio, My Love) and published Je bois du Bleu(I Drink the Blue), the first work of the trilogy L'ombre des Anges (Shadow of the Angel)。 Besides, he has adapted many works of such writers as Mishima Yukio, Fermando Arrabal, Molière, Charles Perrault and Antonin Artaud, and has directed more than 60 works of Fassbinder, Brecht, Chekhov and Camus. Miss Madnona, Guatanamour and Aurora are his representative works as a director.