FACULTY(In order of strokes of Chinese surname)
Mei Baojiu

  Mei Baojiu, a well-known performing artist of Peking Opera, is the successor to the Mei Lanfang School and the head of Mei Lanfang Troupe in Peking Opera Theatre of Beijing.
  He started to learn Peking Opera at 10 years old, went on the stage at 13 to perform operas such as Courtesan Yu Tangchun and Silang Visits His Mother, and began to appear on stage at 18 together with his father, Mei Lanfang, who had offered him much guidance and instruction.
  Mei Baojiu's first teacher is Wang Youbin, Wang Yaoqing's nephew; and his action teacher is Tao Yuzhi. Zhu Chuanming used to teach him Kunqu Opera; and he learned the arts of Huadan (a female role in Peking Opera) from Zhu Qin later. Mei Baojiu's voice is sweet and rich; his enunciation is beautiful and clear; and his performance is elegant and graceful. Moreover, he resembles Mei Lanfang a lot in the stage appearance and singing. Mei Baojiu is a very accomplished artist with superb skills of Tsing Yi (usually a faithful wife role, lover or maiden in distress), Hua shan (a young, beautiful, comic female lead), Dao ma dan (a female warrior role), and Kungqu Opera.
  Some traditional theatre of the Mei Lanfang School in which Mei Naojiu regularly performs include Farewell, My Concubine, Drunken Concubine, Travels of King Mu, Imperial Concubine Yang, Goddess of the Luo River and Xi Shi.