FACULTY(In order of strokes of Chinese surname)
KOISHI Shimpachi

  KOISHI Shimpachi is a professor in Musashino Art University and the head of the Communication Education course in the Modeling Department there. His major interest is artistic design, including stage arts of Italian theatre, popular theatre and one-act plays. He is mainly engaged in the research of multimedia application and virtual space design, but also has a sound grip of both the primitive and the art forms of early architecture in Tibet, residences underneath the Loess Plateau, and Hakka Earth Building in Fujian Province. His works have been displayed in Japan-China Art Education & Works Exhibitions (Tokyo, Beijing, and Shanghai) and Asian International Stage Art Exhibition. He once led his students to participate in Bucharest Exhibition in 1999, and has published Introduction to Stage Audio Technology and Researches on Technology from National Theatre Association in collaboration with others. He used to win the Japan Digital Publishing Award.