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FACULTY(In order of strokes of Chinese surname)

Master Degree of Art in Shanghai TheatreAcademy
Drama Consultant in NationalTheatre of China
Mentor of UTN of ITI affiliated to UNESCO
Judge of Melbourne International Film Festival (China Sector)
Judge of the Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theatre
Major works directed by Gu include: environmental drama “Wu Li De Mao Tou Ying” (The Owl in the House),“Ai Ku Si”(Arcus); small theatre experimental drama “Zhou Zhuang Xi Qi” (Zhou Zhuang and His Wife);Shanghai opera “Feng Yu Tong Ling Ren” (Story of the Peers),“Ri Chu” (Sunrise); Peking opera “Wu Long Yuan” (The Wu Long Temple);Kun opera "Hua Pi” (Painted Skin); musical drama “Wan Rong” (the role’s name); large-scale stage drama “Bai Niang Niang” (Empress Bai), “Da Qiao” (The Bridge); foreign classic drama “The Passport”, “Antigone”, “Betray”, “Art”, “Feel for Others”, etc.; multimedia modern Frenchcomedy“Love Conquers All”. His works have been performed in many countries and regions and earned him “Wen Hua Award” and the Best Director Prize of the Golden Lion Award. He also lectured in University of California, Berkeley in America and The University of Leeds in UK.