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Hou Yong


Professor Hou currently works as Supervisor of postgraduate; Head of the Film Department of Movie and Television College; National first–grade cinematographer; Part-time professor of Beijing Film Academy; Member of China Film Association; Member of China Film Director’s Guide; Member of China Television Director Committee; Vice president of Chinese society of Cinematographers; Member of China Artistic Photography Society; he used to be the member of Shenzhen Federation of Literary and Art Circle and honorary president of Shenzhen Film & TV Artists Association. Due to his hard work, he has received the honorary title of Representative Excellent in Professional Skills and Moral Integrity in China Federation of Literary and Art Circle.
Hou has long been engaged in the work of cinematography, play writing and film directing. His works has carried off an array of awards from home and abroad. Major films under his photography include “Lie Chang Zha Sa” (On the Hunting Ground), “Dao Ma Zei” (The Horse Thief), “Jing Du Qiu Xia”(Soccer Heroes), “LianShou Jing Tan”(Red Fists)”, “LanFengZheng” (The Blue Kite), “TianGuo Ni Zi” (The Day the Sun Turned Cold), “Lan Ling Wang” (Lorenzo Callender), “Hun Zai Beijing”(Days in Beijing), “Xia Wei Yi Chuan Qi” (The Legend of Hawaii), “Yi Ge Dou Bu Neng Shao” (Not One Less), “Xing Fu Shi Guang” (Happy Times), “QiaoFeng” (the role’s name), “Jin Gai” (The Manhole Cover), “Chun GuiMeng” (Dream of Husband’s Return from the War), “Xi Ma La Ya Wang Zi” (Price Himalaya),“Shen Qi” (Magical), etc. Owing to his excellent photography in films “Sun Yat-sen”, “Wan Zhong” (The Evening Bell), “YaPian Zhan Zheng” (The Opium War)and “Wo De Fu Qin Mu Qin” (My Parent), he has been awarded Golden Rooster Award for Best Photography altogether four times.
Meanwhile, Hou has directed a few TV series, including 41 episodes drama “WoXin Chang Dan” (The Great Revival), 55 episodes drama “Chuang Guan Dong” (A Journey to a New Hometown), 25 episodes drama “Tian Xia Wu Zei” (A World Without Thieves) and 38 episodes drama “Fen Nu de She Ying Shi” (An Angry Photographer), among which “WoXin Chang Dan” (The Great Revival) has won Best TV Series Award and Best Photography Award at the 2nd Seoul International Film Festival.